Hey! Here Are Some Great Ways to Make a Beach Charcuterie Board

There’s something about a killer charcuterie board.

That’s the point. At its simplest, it’s a board with bite-sized snacks on it. At its most elegant, it’s a centerpiece that draws in your crowd.

They’re especially perfect for a beach trip, a getaway for two, a family vacation, or a family reunion.

Serving Guide for Charcuterie Boards

A stellar charcuterie board is like poetry in small bites. But if you run out, it’s nothing but static. Here’s a guideline to keep everyone fed (from the bits and bites blog):

  • 2-9 people
    • Two cheeses (one hard, one soft)
    • One fruit or veggie
    • One meat
    • One spread


  • 10-20 people
    • Three cheeses (one hard, one pungent, one sweet)
    • One fruit or veggies
    • Two meats
    • One pickled item
    • One spread


  • 21-30 people
    • Four cheeses (one hard, one pungent, one semi-soft, one sweet)
    • One pickled item
    • Two fruits or veggies
    • Two to three meats
    • Two spreads (one savory, one sweet)


  • 31-40 people
    • Five cheeses (one dealer’s choice, one hard, one pungent, one semi-soft, one sweet)
    • One mixed nuts
    • One pickled item
    • Three fruits or veggies
    • Three meats

Two spreads (one savory, one sweet)

Only the Best: Tips for Making the Best Beach Charcuterie Board

This is not a rehearsal: You’ll have a bunch of hungry folks descending on your condo from a fun day at the beach. What will you throw at them?

1. Do It With Style

If you oppose any item suggested here or otherwise, leave it off. If you love food that isn’t included, add it!

Remember: There are guidelines, no rules. Some chocolates go with some cheeses. Charcuterie boards can be Whole30, vegetarian, carnivore-heavy, dollar-store inspired … the possibilities!

Recommended: Keep items of the same type from touching. No parmesan bunched up with the Gruyere. This is to build contrast on your board.


2. Use Little Bowls

Your items shouldn’t be at war with one another. Use varying small bowls to separate certain foods, for cleanliness and convenience.

Remember: Add them first, so that you don’t have to move food around to get them in. They’re great for holding odd-shaped food and sauces.

Recommended: Fill them with artichoke hearts, fresh berries, marinated olives, and sweet peppers. Stick dried fruit and nuts around the bowls.

3. Build It Ahead of Time

You’re the conductor of this train. Cut back on prep when your party arrives by working a bit ahead.

Remember: Construct your charcuterie board a few hours before. Wrap it in plastic, pop it in the fridge, and pull it out a half-hour ahead of time.

4. Crack Out the Crackers

If the charcuterie board is your estate, the crackers are the golf carts you get around it in. 

Remember: Buttery, flaky, and grain crackers are tops. Water crackers don’t have much flavor, which allows other savory foods to take the spotlight.

Recommended: Crackers add to the display, stacked, in a row, or fanned out. Go with a variety of crackers and even sliced bread.

Charcuterie Board

5. Oil Your Board Between Uses

Often the board is a big feature, especially wooden ones. 

Remember: If you’re using it often, oiling will keep it pretty. Dry it with a towel after washing; excess water can cause damage if it sits on it.

Recommended: Use flaxseed oil, food-grade mineral oil, or hemp oil. Baking soda, kosher salt, lemons, and vinegar can combat bacteria and odors.


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