It’s winter! There’s lots of fun to be had at the beach

What’s your beach vacation profile?

If you’re the type who loves Pawleys Island in the winter, this post is for you. If you’re not, it’s also for you — to show you how much fun you can have on an off-season trip.

1. Flying Kites

You’ve seen plenty in the air from the shore as an observer, so why not take a shot at getting one in the air yourself?

What’s not to love? There’s such peace in getting a pretty kite aloft in the sea breeze! The shore is a windy area, helping to get you started. Plus, you have wide open spaces free of powerlines and trees.

TRY THIS: Visit Eagles Beachwear for a variety of kites. The standard diamond shape is most desirable, and be sure to get one with a tail!


2. Ride Bikes

As a couple, on your own, or with the whole family, taking a bike ride around the beach can be excellent exercise. 

What’s not to love? It’s effective for exercise. Burn 500 calories in an hour while building muscle and boosting cardiovascular fitness. You’ll see your favorite vacation destination in a whole new light.

TRY THIS: At Cyclopedia, they’ll size you for hybrid bikes and helmets, and introduce you to the trails. Grab a map and head out for a wonderful day.

3. Hunt for Ghost Crabs

Teach the kids how to see them, how to observe and not disturb them, and have a bit of a twilight adventure together.

What’s not to love? It’s a nice reason to stay out a bit after dark on the beach. It’s free, and all you need is a flashlight. Even the little members of the family can help. Wear dark colors, tread lightly, and shine your light ahead.

TRY THIS: Watch for the moment the crab freezes in the light beam. This is your chance to check them out and even snap a photo or two.

4. Collect Seashells

It’s easy to wind up with a huge bag of treasures to take home with you! Look for the type that catches your eye, or for those pristine shells.

What’s not to love? No two are exactly alike. You can find many that are close! Finding a cluster of shells and displaying them in a glass jar is a nice reminder of a fun trip. Add a handful of sand to the jar, too.

TRY THIS: Search where the sand is wet. You’ll find pretty, colored ones at the wrack line, where debris gets pushed up by the high tide.

5. Search for Sharks’ Teeth

The only thing you need is a sharp eye. Oh, and patience. They’re sometimes worth money, but the sport of finding them is the most exciting.

What’s to love: Once sought for weapons, sharks’ teeth are now a piece of prehistoric coolness. Sharks turn over teeth in vast numbers, which explains why you can find so many at the beach.

TRY THIS: Look for shiny, jet black, small, long, skinny T-shaped teeth. They come from sand tiger, lemon, and reef sharks.

The Oceanfront Litchfield Inn

Look Forward to a Yearly Stay at Litchfield Inn

You’ll have a ball on your first visit to Litchfield Inn — and join many who make it an annual tradition. Spend time relaxing on your screened-in balcony, with an amazing view. Winter is a wonderful time in Litchfield. Come experience it.

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