Of Many Methods of Having Fun at the Marshwalk, Here’s One

It takes some ambition to want to pack a day on a holiday with lots of good stuff. But when that good stuff is in one place, it becomes much easier. Welcome to the Marshwalk.

The Marshwalk is a wooden boardwalk on a natural saltwater estuary.

It’s loaded with waterfront dining, live music, and kindred spirits. Also, craft vendors and goats. (The goats are on their own island!)

Here are some ideas for spending the day in this cool spot.

Fun Facts About the Marshwalk

It’s the ultimate variant for the beach vacation. You’re on the Intracoastal Waterway, and a world away from the hustle and bustle of the beach.

  1. It’s a collection of awesome cuisine

A morsel of deliciousness from any of the eateries would be something to savor. Lowcountry is king, as well as seafood, steaks, and more.

  1. It’s a birder’s paradise

Birds here have a different kind of lifestyle. See blue and white herons, pelicans, and more amid the pluff mud and Palmetto trees.

  1. It’s a haven for things to do 

Don’t fear you’ll get bored. With fishing, kayaking, shopping, sightseeing, watersports, and events, you have options.

Marshwalk: A Very Good Way to Spend a Day

You’ve arrived at your dream destination at last. Here’s what to do when you’re looking for fun on the Marshwalk.

1. Eat Like Royalty (With a View)

Relinquish meal-prepping duty for a night and indulge. 


For fanciness, this one’s on the rustic, nautical side. For delicious dinners, the Chicken Wings and Fresh Local Shrimp are divine.


You’ll make a strong case for a new favorite hangout with fresh-made mojitos and southern fare. Grab some Street Corn and a Cuban Sandwich, too.


A trip to the beer garden at The Claw House. Their beer selection is stellar and so is their entertainment calendar.


2. Prepare to Be Entertained

What a tactic: Lure people in with great music to get them to try your awesome food. We’re down for that.


It doesn’t take a detective to find the fun in this event. Through Sept. 30, enjoy drink specials at all eight Marshwalk restaurants. Bottoms up.


It’s not a reach to say that every hour is happy hour on the Marshwalk. Check out offerings from all eight eateries for an appetizer and drink specials.


Come for the live music. Even if you’ve dined elsewhere, come to have a drink and enjoy some of the best local and regional talent out there.

3. Learn the History

There’s no grand presentation — only stories that keep circulating. Tales of Blackbeard and other pirates stashing booty in this fishing village. Of the hushpuppy becoming a culinary art.

You’ll hear the Marshwalk referred to as a drinking village with a fishing problem. The more time you spend here, you’ll see that it isn’t a problem!

The post office named this magical place Murrells Inlet in 1913. But history precedes that. Much of it remains a mystery, but that adds to the allure.

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