Why the Beach Is the Perfect Place to Keep Practicing Yoga

You’re all set for your beach vacation — that’s awesome!

But wait. Where’s your yoga mat? You can definitely keep your practice active even if you’re away from home.

Here’s how.

1. Don’t Go Solo

Being a member of #yogalife has its perks. If you’re traveling with another yogi, encourage each other to spread mats together. If your significant other is coming along but doesn’t practice yoga, ask if they’ll indulge you once.

Advice: Play your regular playlist. Or let the sounds of the ocean be your soundtrack. There are few things more soothing than yoga and the sea!

beach yoga

2. Or, GO Solo!

If yours is the only yoga mat bundled up in your luggage, that’s okay, too. The serenity of unfurling your mat on the sand? Experiencing a favorite practice in a brand-new environment? Definite pluses. Have a mat, will travel, right?

Advice: Stay on schedule! Practice on days and at times you usually would. You’ll feel proud that you kept it up.

3. Breathe In the Waves

Doesn’t the prospect of practicing on the shore tempt you? Our meditative mind melds with the energy of the sea. This can enhance the experience! Sea spray and waves crashing surround you as you live in the moment.

Advice: If meditation is part of your practice, take time for that, too. Sit on your mat, close your eyes, and start breathing in the waves before yoga.

4. Forget the Mat

This is an example of the simplicity of yoga. You don’t need a mat! You might find that it slides anyway, depending on the sand. The beach will support your poses and savasana. In this case, no mat, no problem.

Advice: Hold your poses longer than usual in the sand. Your body will have to work harder, so it’ll be more of a full-body workout.

5. Visit a Studio

The hospitality of a yoga community might be what you need. Beach Waves Yoga offers classes from beginner to advanced. The same mindful instruction applies to all. Gentle, yet challenging. Drop by and see.

Advice: Arrive 10 minutes before class. Choose a spot you feel comfortable in and set up your mat. This will ease the anxiety you might feel in a new place.


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