Leave Your Worries Behind When You Fish in Litchfield Beach

Oh, it’s always a good day for fishing.

Especially when you’re in Litchfield Beach. Whether you’re casting a line from a pier or shore or heading out on a charter, this is a wonderful place to do it. Depending on the season, there’s an array of species you could land.

Whether you seek adventure or serenity, here’s where to go.

Tips for Fishing in the Ocean

It’s not as simple as baiting a hook and casting a line, but it’s not all that complicated, either. Here are a few pointers if you’re fishing in Pawleys Island.

  1. Know the rules

You can fish from a pier or on a hired charter or rental boat without a license. (Piers usually charge a fee, though.) You’ll need a license for all other circumstances, and here’s where to get it.

  1. Know your bait

For saltwater fishing, here are your best bets:

  • Baitfish
  • Cut bait
  • Shellfish
  • Shrimp
  1. Know where to start

If you’re new to the game, you needn’t go to the deep sea to get bites. The wealth of salt-water species you can catch from the shore might surprise you.

Cast a Line in These Spots Near Your Resort

You’ve got the gear, the time, and the low-key attitude. Time to cast a line and pass the time.


It’s a lot like angling in lakes or rivers, with easy access to the water. There’s no chance for motion sickness, and you can cast for an hour or for a whole day.

What’s Biting in Spring

There are ample Redfish around, as well as Blue Crabs, Flounder, and Speckled Trout.

FISHING TIP: After a new moon, tides become stronger. This changes fish’s habits, so what might have worked before the new moon might not after.

pier fishing


You could cast from the shore, but your best bet is to take a kayak or small boat. It’s also a great place to set crabbing traps.

What’s Biting in Spring

Flounder get going this time of year, and although they’re tough to land, you’ll see Spottail, too.

FISHING TIP: Compared to winter, fish during the spring are more active. If your activity spans the seasons, you’ll have to adjust how you approach it.


Do you know what to look for? Darker, deep water, called gutters, attract fish. Also, watch where the waves break.

What’s Biting in Spring

Count on plenty of Whiting, with Black Drum and Dogfish sprinkled in. You might find a sizable Red Drum off the jetties.

FISHING TIP: Dawn and dusk are the best times with calm weather and normal tides. It pays to check the tide chart, too.

surf fishing


Troll backwater creeks and nearshore wrecks in Murrells Inlet for success. These charters are a great way to get the family on the water, too.

What’s Biting in Spring

You’ll find Flounder, redfish, and trout in backwater creeks. King and Spanish Mackerel, Sheepshead, and Spadefish hit in good numbers inshore, too.

FISHING TIP: When embarking on a charter, pack lots of food and beverages. Your excursion will likely be at least a half-day, so come prepared! That means sunglasses, a hat, and lots of sunscreen, too.

Poolside King Room

Grab a Room With a View at Litchfield Inn

Litchfield Inn is right in the middle of all you love in Pawleys Island. You’ll find a clean, comfortable room, and a staff determined to make your stay memorable. Take a look at current specials and make plans for your fishing trip today.