Ways to Join a Celebration of Earth Day in and Near Pawleys Island

Earth Day will be exceptional at the beach.

On April 22, more than a billion people globally will commemorate Earth Day this year. Its intent is to protect the earth from deforestation, pollution, and other detriments. It’s all about creating a happier, healthier world.

Pick up litter, plant trees, or take part in one of these events. Your contributions make a difference!

Earth Day Music Fest and Diabetes 5K

Note: This event will occur after the official Earth Day observance. The race will happen on Saturday, April 29, 2023. Come run in the morning and enjoy amazing music. It’s raised awareness for two critical causes since 2008.

TRY THIS: As you train to race, be sure to work on core exercises. That’ll help you prevent injury and improve your running time.

Earth Day Festival

Head to the Butterfly Field at Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet. The day will include fun and educational experiences for everyone. Adults can learn about conservation and native plants; kids will investigate S.T.E.M.

TRY THIS: Spend even more time in the gardens. It’s inconceivable to imagine a more beautiful setting to celebrate the earth and its health and beauty.


Tips for Observing Earth Day as You Travel

Looking to maximize the impact you can have to help the planet and the people who live on it? Check out this advice for travelers.

  1. BUY ORGANIC. Doing so can help decrease pollution, save water, and consume less energy. Eating clean is healthy for you, too. Visit Pawleys Island General Store for everything you need while you’re here.

  2. GIVE YOUR CAR A BREAK. Carpool, walk, ride a bike, or take public transportation when possible. Doing so saves you money, lowers greenhouse gas emissions, and allows you to exercise more.

  3. GET VEGETARIAN FOR THE DAY. Consuming meat can put stress on animal welfare and intensive farming, and contribute to environmental damage. Visit Anything Froz for vegan treats.

  4. PACK FOR THE PLANET: Watch the disposables as you pack. Use reusable sandwich bags, plastic containers for toiletries and souvenirs, and rechargeable batteries. Choose BPA-free plastic water bottles.  

  5. REUSE TOWELS: Is it too much to skip housekeeping? Start by hanging up your towel after you shower. You can reuse a towel three times.

  6. SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESS. Doing so stimulates economic growth. This leads to financial independence and more suitable living conditions for residents. Check out Local on Pawleys Island.
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